November 8, 2016 the company SIA "Zodiak Plus" has received certificate of conformity to international quality standards № SIC.MS.040.ISO9001.039-16. Also important is the fact that the certification was carried out on the initiative of the company, and thus bore voluntary. The resulting certificate confirms: SIA "Zodiak Plus" supports the quality management system in accordance with the standards GOST ISO 9001-2016 (ISO 9001: 2016).

ISO - an abbreviation that has developed from the first letters of the International Organization for Standardization - the company that developed in 1987 the first universal standards for the organization of quality management systems. The basis of the ISO 9000 standards are laid down, used by the US Department of Defense to assess the products supplied to the defense sphere. Over time, the standards are changing, including a variety of items of correspondence quality.